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Dec 2010         National Academy of Sciences, PNAS Science Session: Ellis-Behnke


Oct 2006          ScienceCentral, Stopping Bleeding


Apr 2006         ScienceCentral, Brain-healing Bridges



Nov 2009        French TV, in �Welcome to the Nanoworld� documentary

May 30 2008   Fox Business News, in �New Technology Could Stop Bleeding in Seconds�

May 7 2007     ABC News, �Healing Brains and Bones�

Mar 17 2007    TV Channel One (Russia), �Nano Neuro Knitting�

Jan 20 2007     TV Channel Five (France), �Nano hemostat solution�

Oct 18 2006     Discovery Channel, �Nano hemostat solution�

Oct 10 2006     ABC News, �Stopping Bleeding�

Oct 10 2006     Fox News Channel, �New Peptide Salve Could Replace Adhesive Bandages�

Mar 21 2006    Daily Planet, Discovery Channel (Canada), �Rebuilding your brain�

Mar 20 2006    National Geographic Channel, �Nano Neuro Knitting�

Mar 14 2006    CBS News, �Nanotechnology May Repair Damaged Brains�

Mar 13 2006     MSNBC News, �Restoring vision in blinded hamsters by plugging gaps in injured brains�


Apr 4 2007      Earth & Sky, National Public Radio �Nano Knitting�

Apr 11 2007    Earth & Sky, National Public Radio �Hemostasis�

Oct 14 2006     Voice of America, �Nano hemostat solution�

Oct 10 2006     BBC Newshour (UK), �Liquid to seal open wounds fast�

Oct 10 2006     BBC Live Five Drive (UK), �Nano hemostat solution�

Oct 10 2006     Deutschlandfunk (Germany), �Liquid plaster�

Mar 21 2006    Quirks and Quarks, CBC Radio (Canada) �Brain Band-Aid�

Mar 14 2006    BBC World News (UK), �Nanotech helps blind hamsters see�



June 29 2008   Boston Globe, �Innovation Economy: New ally on the operating table?�

Apr 25 2008    Mass. High Tech, �Arch wins anti-bleeding tech global rights�

Mar 18 2007    New York Sunday Times, �Week in review: Bloodless�

Oct 17, 2006    Daily Mail (UK), �Spray gel that stops bleeding in seconds�

Oct 17 2006     Mumbai Mirror (India), �New solution to stop bleeding�

Oct 15 2006     Toronto Star (Canada), �Bleeding? Here's a simple solution�

Oct 11 2006     Business Wire News Agency, �See what�s hot at MIT: a preview with lab luminaries�

Oct 11 2006     Xinhua News (China), �Scientists develop liquid bandage�

Oct 10 2006      Washington Post, �High beam research: High-Tech Liquid May Cut Operating Time�

Oct 10 2006     Reuters News Agency, �Researchers study liquid as tool to stop bleeding�

Oct 10 2006     United Press International, �Biodegradable liquids halt bleeding�

Oct 10 2006     Canadian Press (Canada), �Nano hemostat solution�

Oct 10 2006     South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), �Nano hemostat solution�

Oct 10 2006     Daily India (India), �Study: Biodegradable liquids halt bleeding�

Oct 10 2006     Der Spiegel (Germany), �Fl�s pflaster: Blutung binnen 15 Sekunden gestoppt�

Apr 29 2006      Le Monde (France), �Un liquide nano qui stoppe les h�rragies en quelques seconds�

Apr 25 2006    Iran Daily (Iran), �Brain-Healing Bridges�

Apr 24 2006    USA Today, �Making blind hamsters see with nanotech�

Apr 3 2006      Daily Telegraph (India), �New connection�

Mar 26 2006    San Francisco Chronicle, �Nanotechnology could fix nerve, brain damage�

Mar 22 2006     La Nueva Espa�/I>(Spain), �H�teres ciegos recuperan la vista gracias a implantes  de nanotecnolog�

Mar 21 2006     South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), �Hamsters regain sight with nanotechnology�

Mar 20 2006    Boston Globe, �Ultra-tiny knitting thread helps restore brain function�

Mar 15 2006    The Hindu (India), �Nanotechnology therapies ahead�

Mar 14 2006     Le Nouvel Observateur (France), �Des nanofibres pour r�rer les cellules nerveuses�

Mar 14 2006    Die Presse (Germany), �Machen, dass die Blinden sehen!�

Mar 14 2006    The Guardian (UK), �Nanotechnology restores hamsters' sight�

Mar 14 2006    United Press International, �Nano World: Nanofibers for brain repair�

Mar 28 2006    El Informador, (Mexico) �Nano Neuro Knitting�

Mar 14 2006    Washington (D.C.) Times, �Nanofibers for brain repair�

Mar 14 2006    UK News (UK), �Nanotech helps blind hamsters see�



Dec 2009         Technology Review, mentioned in �Synthetics Stop the Bleeding�

Oct 2008           Expert Review of Ophthalmology, mentioned in �World Ophthalmology Congress 2008�

May 12 2008   Technology Review, �Nanohealing Material Heads to Market�

Feb 1 2008      Ophthalmology Times, �Nanotechnology applications promising for ophthalmology�

Nov 27 2007   Technology Review, mentioned in �Stopping Battlefield Bleeding�

Nov 11 2007     Ophthalmology Times �Recent successes of tissue bioengineering in ophthalmology highlighted�

Nov 2007          EyeNet, Journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, �Ophthalmology on the Nanofrontier�

Jun 2007           International Glaucoma Review, �New Optic Nerve?�

May 15 2007     Ocular Surgery News, mentioned in �Nanotechnology holds potential for ocular infection treatments�

Mar/Apr 2007  Technology Review, �Top 10 Emerging Technologies: Nanohealing�

Mar/Apr 2007  Technology Review, �The Surprise Peptide�

Mar 2007         Reader�s Digest, �Top Medical Breakthroughs: Nano-knitters for nerves�

Jan 3 2007        Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), �Healing power found in �Nano Knitting��

May/Jun 2006  Technology Review, �Knitting Nerves Back Together�

Dec 2006         Nature Nanotechnology, �New material stops bleeding in a hurry�

Nov 1 2006     Nature Biotechnology, �Research highlights: Nano hemostat solution�

Nov 2006        Discover Magazine, �Future of band-aids�

Oct 2006          Scientific American, �Protein Gel Stops Bleeding in Unknown Way�

Oct 10 2006     Science, �Peptide �Soup� Halts Blood Loss�

Oct 2006          New Scientist, �Self-assembling gel stops bleeding in seconds�

Sep 2006         Drug Discovery & Development, �Nano Neuro-Knit�

Aug 2006         Popular Science, �Future of Medicine: The Nano-Knitters�

Jun 2006           Surgical Neurology, �Research news and notes: New �scaffold� helps reconnect severed axons�

Jun 2006          Discover Magazine, �Raw data: Restoring eyesight to the blind�

May/Jun 2006  Technology Review, �Brain-Healing Nanotechnology�

May 2006        Nature Reviews Neuroscience, �Research Highlights: Neurotechniques�

May 2006        Nano Today, �Cover story: Nanofiber scaffold repairs brain tissue�

May 2006        Science et Vie (France), �Nano Neuro Knitting�

May 2006        Nature Materials, �Materials Update: Brain knitting�

May 2006        The Lancet Neurology, �Nano neuro knitting repairs injured brain�

Apr 2006         American Chemical Society�s Chemical Biology, �Closing the CNS gap�

Apr 2006         New Scientist, �Optic nerve regrown with a nanofibre scaffold�

Apr 10 2006    Business Week, �Building bridges in a disconnected brain�

Mar 14 2006     Forbes, �Nanotechnology May Repair Damaged Brains�

Mar 2006         Scientific American, �Hamster Study Shows Nanofibers Knit Severed Neurons Together,  Restore Vision�

Mar 2006         BBC Focus Magazine (UK), �Nano Neuro Knitting�

Mar 2006          Science News, �Networking with Friends: Nanotech material reconnects severed neurons�

Dec 2005          Nanotechnology Law & Business, �Top 10 Nanotech Innovation: Immediate Hemostasis�

Apr 2003         Technology Review, �No More Notebooks�


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